MS in Mechanical Engineering for Great Career Prospects

Many experts believe that our modern society needs great mechanical engineers.  This is because our world is currently engulfed by conflicting demands.  For examples, natural resources need to be used to sustain so many industries; but making responsible use is imperative.  Similarly, provision of water supplies for businesses is imperative, but there are people in this world who don’t have water.  The same confusion applies to energy production and utilization too.   Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the conception, designing, and implementation of mechanical systems.  This can include everything from aircraft to artificial joints.  While doing this, great mechanical engineers can meet conflicting demands of the world.  They need to develop mechanical systems with responsible use of resources.  By pursuing mechanical engineering courses in Dubai, you can open up great career prospects for yourself.


If you decide to pursue your mechanical engineering from one of the top mechanical engineering universities in Dubai, there are various things that you will learn.  Firstly, you will develop a comprehension of how products are engineered, manufactured, as well as supported.  Secondly, you will be exposed to the concept of using math and science of analytical engineering in order to design, develop, and research.  Additionally, the use of resources in a responsible manner is a great learning too.


Students start with a bachelor’s degree and move on to pursue MS in Mechanical Engineering.  During this, mechanical engineers study various courses:


Material Science


Advanced Math

Engineering Science

Fluid Mechanics

Control Engineering & Instrumentation



Mechanical engineers play a key role in almost all industries.  Here are some of the industries that benefit the most from mechanical engineering:

Oil & Gas








There are a wide range of colleges and universities for mechanical engineering in Dubai.  If you decide to pursue bachelor’s or masters in mechanical engineering in Dubai, you will have the option of doing it from myriad colleges and universities in the city.  However, you need to be careful in making a selection of the university.  You should select that university which boasts of excellent quality of education.


Bits Pilani is an extremely popular engineering university in India.  It has recently set-up a campus in the vibrant city of Dubai.  The university is renowned for its high quality of education and qualified faculty.   To know more, you can visit the university’s website: or contact the admission team at:

About Author:

Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician, and guides students with course selection.  He thinks that mechanical engineering courses in Dubai are very inclusive.



More Information about Chemical Engineering in Dubai

So, computer engineering has become popular in the recent times.  However, there are various other prospective streams in Engineering too.  Consider the case of chemical engineering.  It has been an old field, and has helped many students carve out successful careers.   Completing your chemical engineering in Dubai can be a good option because it lends you international experience and opens up various career opportunities.

What do Chemical Engineers do?

So, let us first explore of what a chemical engineer does.  This will help you determine whether you are interested in this stream or not.  A chemical engineer works in a range of industries that include pharmaceutical, mining, Oil & Gas, healthcare, pulp & paper, food processing, etc.  His / her role is to transform raw materials into useful products.  However, this is just a basic description of a chemical engineer’s work.  It can get way more complex than this, and hence such engineers receive handsome compensation for their work.  Various universities and chemical engineering colleges in Dubai can offer flexible programs.  In fact, some of these universities and/or colleges can also allow you to specialize in emerging areas like biotechnology and biomedical.

What will you learn?

When you complete a chemical engineering course, you will contribute in those areas where matter is transformed.  You will be required to design, implement, and supervise the process for such transformation.  There are multiple ways in which this transformation might transpire.  It could be raw-materials to finished product.  Additionally, it could also be fuel to energy or waste to by-products.

Chemical Engineering Course Inclusion

There are various courses thchemical engineering course at a student needs to complete.  In the first year, the student might be exposed to the basic concepts of chemical engineering.  Along with that, the student might also be required to learn about linear algebra, mechanics, and more.  After the first year, more advanced courses are introduced.  These include engineering computation, engineering biology, etc.  This is with regards to B Tech Chemical Engineering.  However, there are other advanced programs available too.  You can pursue a master’s degree and after that aim for a PHD in chemical engineering.  The higher the programs you pursue, the more will be your worth.

Bits Pilani is a popular Dubai university that offers various engineering courses.  Chemical engineering in Dubai is picking up among students, and Bits Pilani is a premier university for the same.   You can visit the university’s website: or contact the admission team at:


About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar is an engineering professor and believes that a chemical engineering course can add to a student’s credentials.