Here’s Why You Should Study in Dubai

You are now at the threshold of establishing a successful career for yourself. However, that begins with deciding the right career path. Among the various courses that you can pursue, Engineering can happen to be just the ideal choice. There are numerous types of engineering courses and there are multiple options available.


Here’s why we believe that engineering is just the right course for you to pursue:

  • Course Variety: As we mentioned earlier, there are a wide spectrum of courses available with engineering. Not only are the conventional courses available for engineers, there are new courses cropping up as well. Consider the case of sustainable energies. That’s picking up in our society and it will be the future of our world. Other than that, one can also pursue other courses like aeronautics, robotics, medical technology, etc. With this wide range of specializations available, you can pick what works best for you.
  • Demand: All the various types of engineering courses find great demand. If you study your engineering from a good quality university, you open up avenues around the world. Not only is this demand confined to developed nations, even developing nations need the service of high-quality engineering.
  • Diversification: Engineering students get to diversify their career in whichever direction they like. You would have all heard of engineering students pursuing their MBA. Apart from that, a range of non-engineering career opportunities come up as well. Take the example of teaching, consulting, etc.


The next question that you might have in mind is about the place you want to pursue your engineering from. There are various experts who advise you to study in Dubai. There are so many high quality Dubai colleges and universities that you will never be short of options. Here are other reasons why you should study in Dubai:

  • Global Audience: Dubai is located so strategically that it gets students from all around the world. Therefore, you get to truly experience fusion of various cultures.
  • Education Quality: We mentioned earlier that the education quality available in Dubai is top-notch. This is because Dubai colleges and universities boast of experienced faculty members and great focus on quality education.
  • Courses Available: There is absolutely no dearth of engineering courses. This broad engineering courses list allows you to pursue the engineering courses of your choice.

Among various Dubai colleges and universities, Bits Pilani is one of the most popular ones. Not only is the quality of education towering, the university is extremely experienced too. To gain more information, you can visit or call them at:


About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar is an engineering academician and he recommends students to study in Dubai.


Careers for You after Completing Electronics Engineering

Modern-day students are extremely career conscious. They know what they are looking for, and want their education to contribute to that. If you are a student currently evaluating various engineering options, this article will tell you a little about careers that open up for you after completing your electronics engineering course.


Almost every industry today relies on electronics engineering. Qualified electronics engineers are becoming an essential part of various industries. Let’s have an outlook of the kind of tasks that electronics engineers perform in different industries:

1. Automotive: Qualified electronics engineers are an essential part of the automotive industry. Various electronic systems and processes need to be developed for the smooth functioning of an automotive vehicle. Right from engine control units to dashboard indicators to safety systems and more, they all need solid electronics engineering to function smoothly.

2. Defense: You wouldn’t believe that electronics engineers can play a crucial role in the defense sector too. However, most engineers work at the system level. In other words, engineers operate at a cross-discipline level. There is always a blend of electronic, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

3. Telecommunication: So important is electronics engineering in telecommunication that universities and colleges offer courses that combine electronics & telecommunication engineering. Telecommunication is becoming increasingly important in our lives today, and electronics engineers can play a crucial role in keeping the industry current.

4. Communication: In the same was as telecommunications, the communication industry relies heavily on electronics engineering too. You can also pursue a course that blends electronic and communication engineering. Who can deny the rising importance of communication today? Our world is becoming connected via communication, and electronics engineers can help in designing & maintaining newer processes & systems.

5. Other: There are numerous other industries that need electronics engineers for their survival. Some of those industries include rail engineering, utilities, aerospace, oil & gas, FMCG, marine, power generation, power generation, etc.


After pursuing your electronics engineering, you don’t have to confine yourself to the aforementioned industries. You can also get into other non-engineering jobs like consulting, finance, logistics, and education.


Dubai is becoming popular for education. Various reputed universities of the world are setting up their campuses in Dubai. That’s why Dubai attracts various international students who wish to pursue high quality education. Among those universities, one of the most respected ones is Bits Pilani. The university has long experience in offering engineering education. Its electronics engineering syllabus is extremely comprehensive and prepares its students for the challenges ahead. You can find more about the university at or call the university at:

About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar believes that electronics engineering can open up a range of opportunities for well-trained students.

The Right University for Computer Engineering in Dubai

Computer Engineering is a booming field. It lends you the kind of future opportunities that you desire. There are career opportunities for computer engineers all around the world. Wherever you go, you would find companies looking for well-trained computer engineers. Thinking of Dubai, there are numerous job openings available there too. Computer Engineers are required by many companies, and all of them need someone who has the right education in the field. Therefore, pursuing an engineering degree in Dubai from a top university can help you get ahead.

How do you select the right university, though? There are multiple things to consider. Given the popularity of computer engineering colleges in Dubai, there are several colleges & universities that have come up. Making an educated decision about your choice will hold you in good stead. Here are some things to consider while making the selection:

IMPORTANCE OF ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT: The first thing to consider is the significance that the computer engineering department has in the university. With most universities, there are multiple engineering departments. You want to look for that university that has high focus on computer engineering. How would you know that? You will know that by the number of faculty members the university has for the department. The number of seats can be a consideration too.

STUDENT REVIEW: A smart individual is the one who learns from others’ mistakes. That’s absolutely correct. You can find student reviews about most available engineering management courses in Dubai. Student reviews will always be fair and will offer an insight into the university’s functioning and quality of education.

RESEARCH: Another thing to consider is the kind of research that the university conducts in the field. There are several avenues of research; it depends on what the university focuses on. The way computer engineering is coming up, you can select a research subject of your choice and see if your selected university is active in that field.

VARIETY: Finally, the variety of courses available is another important point to consider. Some universities will offer computer engineering, while some others will be adventurous enough to present other combinations to students. An example of the same can be a combination of computer science and engineering. Computer science and computer engineering are two closely related fields, and clubbing them can be a good option.

If you are still not sure of the perfect university to pursue computer engineering in Dubai, consider Bits Pilani. It is an extremely popular Indian engineering university, and it has recently also moved to Dubai. The university has received instant student popularity for its focus on different engineering faculties and research in the field. You can visit the university’s website: or contact the admission team at:

About Author:

Mahesh Shiraskar suggests that pursuing computer engineering in Dubai can help students make their career future-proof.