Computer Engineering Dubai Can Open Up Opportunities

Internationally, computer science and engineering, medical science, management, tourism, etc. have proved to be great courses for the learners as well as job seekers. Computer engineering, however, has been one of the most high-end programs that students are opting nowadays. In all, engineering degree has rightly catered the need of multiple domestic as well as global companies, and thus there is always a pursuit of right candidates having a degree with a renowned institution.   For the students, on the other hand, computer science and engineering has proved to be a lucrative option.


Dubai, the metropolis of UAE, is popularly known as a global city and trade centre of the Middle East. Around 1969, the oil revenues began rising and eventually helped in the early development of the metropolis. Though the revenue didn’t stop with just the oil division but groomed, nowadays, with tourism, aviation, real estate, financial services etc.  For this reason, there is a good scope for students and professionals to establish a well-paying career.  Among the various job opportunities, computer engineering in Dubai happens to be a lucrative one.


Along with the hordes of current development in the field of infrastructure, tourism, financial services etc. education has its equal share of pie. It must be noted that UAE business officials and visionaries have invested a lot of time into the current education system. Hence, there are various colleges and universities that have come up, and they offer modern ICT based classrooms, latest technologies, and proficient professors spreading top education. Computer science and engineering is not an exception in it. Due to the facilitation of variety of education tools and techniques, research avenues, on-the-job-training, latest symposiums and induction in the field of computer engineering, it has pulled the attention of the students wanting to pursue engineering degree in Dubai.


BITS that stands for ‘The Birla Institute of Technology & Science’ is an Indian Institution for higher education which has a branch in Dubai with the aim of training young minds for modern challenges. BITS Pilani has gained a momentum with its variety of courses, including engineering management courses in Dubai. The variety of training in computer programming field, technological integration, research scope, competent faculties, and campus interviews have heightened the frontier of the institute. You can visit the university’s website: and start making the right choice.

About Author:

Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician, and believes in global education.  He thinks that there are some great engineering courses in Dubai that can take your career ahead.


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