Why a Formal Degree in Electronics Engineering is Imperative

Over the past few years, various things have changed in the field of education.  Universities have adopted more practical ways of training to let their students be prepared for the challenges they will face in the professional world.  Along with that, there have been various other alterations in curriculum too.  Electronics Engineering is no different.  Newer learning methods have evolved.  At the same time, there has come about a group of individuals who believe that formal education isn’t exactly important for a student.  Out of the numerous students who pass out of a formal education course, most students excel in their lives.  However, the small minority of students who lag behind become the talking point about the importance or otherwise of formal college/university education.  Here are reasons we think that it is imperative for any student to pursue a formal electronics engineering course.

 Career Prospects: There are various things that we can contest, but there is absolutely no doubt that pursuing higher education from a reputed college or university increases your chances of landing a great job.  Many researches have proven that students from university/college draw higher salaries than the ones devoid of such education.

Choose the Right Field: There are numerous fields & sub-fields available to you.  For example; under electronics engineering, you can choose electronics & telecommunication engineering, electronics & communication engineering, and more.  A university/college can give you the necessary information to pick the course that works best for your aptitude.

Work Ethics: University and/or college is the place where you learn your work ethics.  The rigor of pursuing a course from such college/university makes you understand what awaits you in the corporate world.  That goes a long way in letting you be prepared for the future.

Wide Options: Universities and colleges generally train you on various related fields/subjects.  For example, an electronic engineering syllabus might cover information about other streams of engineering too.  This aspect of the syllabus has always come under criticism.  However, it is actually an advantage.  Firstly, it lets you be sure of which stream will suit your aptitude the best.  Moreover, the other core courses also teach you the vocabulary of various other fields and the problems that are faced by those fields’ practitioners.  When you get into the corporate world, you will have to professionally interact with people from other fields.  Knowing the vocabulary will hold you in good stead.

Dubai is gradually becoming the education destination of choice for various students.  This is because various renowned universities are setting up their campuses in this advanced city.  Moreover, Dubai attracts students from different parts of the world.  Hence, this means that a student is acquainted with different cultures and trained to be a global citizen.    Finally, there are various options available.  Be it electronics engineering or any other field of education, you have options galore.

Among the various universities in Dubai, one that is receiving great popularity is Bits Pilani.  The university is known to offer a range of courses, and its electronics engineering syllabus is especially popular.  To know more about the university, you can visit its website: http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in/dubai.

About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar is a strong believer in formal education, and thinks that the various engineering courses in Dubai can give you career a head start.


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