Information on the Top Universities in Dubai Is Available Online

Dubai, a city in the UAE, is a truly global city. With its world class amenities and infrastructure, this is a complete modern city. The mention of Dubai immediately makes one think of high rises and luxury though this emirate started out as a small fishing village. But modernisation has not taken away from the culture and tradition that is still evident in the daily routine of its people. Working in Dubai sees people from all over the globe and there is almost every nationality found here. Tourists too come to Dubai to experience its global touch and to enjoy ancient Arab culture too. But Dubai is not just about sand dunes and oil wells, along with world class infrastructure Dubai offers the best education for its people and welcomes students from across the world as well.

There was a time when the locals and expats would look for options outside the UAE when it came to education for their children but the officials in charge of education in Dubai have ensured that world class facilities are available right here. There are currently more than 65 universities in Dubai to choose from offering a range of subjects and undergrad and post grad options as well as architecture, engineering, medicine etc. The top universities in Dubai follow an international system of education and students from other nations must ensure that the chosen college offers international accreditation if they would like to apply for jobs elsewhere.

Information on every top university in UAE can be easily found online. With the ease of the internet one can get all kinds of information on the top universities in Dubai right from the convenience of one’s home or office. The universities in Dubai all have well informed and up to date sites providing all the information a student could need. Among the top universities in Dubai is Bits Pilani, a well-known institution where admission has been the most sought after. Its reputation as a top university in the UAE is well earned with the kind of integrated courses on offer that are taught by the best professors in the field. The work integrated learning programs are also among the best in the industry. The courses here are accredited with many international prestigious colleges and students have no problem in moving abroad to pursue higher studies or even to apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

From the best environment for education to a well structures extracurricular environment Bits-Plain offers its students a balanced lifestyle where academics and sports go hand in hand. There are cultural activities as well where students from various nationalities come together to celebrate being part of this global family. Campus placements are excellent and the college offers in house teaching and non-academic jobs as well. There are other reasons why this is among the top universities in Dubai with their facilities for students like housing, financial assistance and cafeteria etc. For more information on Bits Pilani please log on to http://www.Bits

About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar writes about education in the UAE and about the top universities in Dubai.


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