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BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, the international campus of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani is one of the largest and the only institution exclusively dedicated to Engineering and Technology education in Dubai.

Information on the Top Universities in Dubai Is Available Online

Dubai, a city in the UAE, is a truly global city. With its world class amenities and infrastructure, this is a complete modern city. The mention of Dubai immediately makes one think of high rises and luxury though this emirate started out as a small fishing village. But modernisation has not taken away from the culture and tradition that is still evident in the daily routine of its people. Working in Dubai sees people from all over the globe and there is almost every nationality found here. Tourists too come to Dubai to experience its global touch and to enjoy ancient Arab culture too. But Dubai is not just about sand dunes and oil wells, along with world class infrastructure Dubai offers the best education for its people and welcomes students from across the world as well.

There was a time when the locals and expats would look for options outside the UAE when it came to education for their children but the officials in charge of education in Dubai have ensured that world class facilities are available right here. There are currently more than 65 universities in Dubai to choose from offering a range of subjects and undergrad and post grad options as well as architecture, engineering, medicine etc. The top universities in Dubai follow an international system of education and students from other nations must ensure that the chosen college offers international accreditation if they would like to apply for jobs elsewhere.

Information on every top university in UAE can be easily found online. With the ease of the internet one can get all kinds of information on the top universities in Dubai right from the convenience of one’s home or office. The universities in Dubai all have well informed and up to date sites providing all the information a student could need. Among the top universities in Dubai is Bits Pilani, a well-known institution where admission has been the most sought after. Its reputation as a top university in the UAE is well earned with the kind of integrated courses on offer that are taught by the best professors in the field. The work integrated learning programs are also among the best in the industry. The courses here are accredited with many international prestigious colleges and students have no problem in moving abroad to pursue higher studies or even to apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

From the best environment for education to a well structures extracurricular environment Bits-Plain offers its students a balanced lifestyle where academics and sports go hand in hand. There are cultural activities as well where students from various nationalities come together to celebrate being part of this global family. Campus placements are excellent and the college offers in house teaching and non-academic jobs as well. There are other reasons why this is among the top universities in Dubai with their facilities for students like housing, financial assistance and cafeteria etc. For more information on Bits Pilani please log on to http://www.Bits

About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar writes about education in the UAE and about the top universities in Dubai.


Find Out How the Top Universities in UAE Are Ranked By Browsing Online

The UAE stands for the United Arab Emirates and is situated in the Persian Gulf. This union of 7 emirates has Abu Dhabi as its capital city. The UAE has been at the forefront of innovation and modern infrastructure while still retailing their inherent Arab culture and traditions. Modernising the Emirates has ensured the best infrastructure and facilities are available for its locals and expats. From world class options in every sphere including entertainment and education, more and more international students are finding the world’s best universities represented among the top universities in UAE.

From private colleges and universities to government run educational institutions, a student looking for the best university in UAE is spoilt for choice. In the UAE about 25% of federal spending is diverted to education. Undergraduate and Degree courses, medicine, engineering, management courses etc are all available here. Most of the top universities in UAE and the colleges have international accreditations making it possible for students to look for careers across the world on completion of their degrees. A large free dedicated zone for education was established known today as the Dubai International Academic city which also has student facilities. The DIAC is home to the best universities e learning centres, professional centres, research and development companies as well as training centres.

The top universities in UAE offer everything from Engineering, Finance, Computing, Bio Technology, Business administration, Architecture, Medicine and even tourism and international relations. There is a regulatory authority in place knowm as the KHDA, this is known as Knowledge and Human Development Authority which checks on the uality of education offered by these universities in Dubai by comparing the degree program conducted locally with its equivalent course in another university. Students can choose from local universities as well as from private ones. With the convenience of the internet one can easily find out more details of the curriculam on offer at the top universities in UAE and the requirements for each.

One of the top universities in UAE is Bits Pilani. Already an established name in India, Bits Pilani is also one of the renowned universities in UAE. With a wide choice of Engineering options to choose from a student can even choose General Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Doctoral Programs. The faculty is among the best, each staff member having the best academic qualifications in his field. Bits Pilani has campus placements and their students have been placed successfully in the best companies around the world. And not just in academics but Bits Pillani has a thriving sports culture as well. Students are encouraged to take part in various extracurricular activities as well. More information about the same can be found at

About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician and has spent a long time working with as well as evaluating the top universities in UAE.

Engineering Colleges In Dubai Offer The Best Options In Courses With The Best Teaching Faculty

Dubai in the UAE is a megacity with a global presence. This small emirate boasts of an international workforce with the best amenities and infrastructure. What was once a small fishing village less than a century ago has grown to be a world class city. Dubai has the largest population among the seven states of the UAE and modern Dubai’s skyscrapers have always made headlines.

Part of the infrastructure is a well established education system under the supervision of the rulers of Dubai. Their aim has always been to provide world class education to the local as well as international students in every field. Internationally accredited and recognised universities have their presence in and around the UAE and this includes very good Engineering colleges in Dubai as well. There is a large selection of international universities in Dubai, many of them located in the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)- a zone specially marked out for educational institutions. There is also a regulatory authority known as the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) that checks the quality of the education offered by these universities.

While a degree in engineering offers a wide range of career options across the world, a student enrolling for an engineering course in Dubai must ensure that the college of his/her choice is internationally accredited which will allow him/her to look for work opportunities abroad. The types of engineering courses available in Dubai teach not only the theoretical aspect of the subject but also how to design and develop engineering methods to meet workplace challenges along with managerial skills. Engineering colleges in Dubai have various options to choose from ranging from Engineering Analysts, System designers and developers and degree courses in Mechanical, Computer, IT, Electrical, Network, Bio Technology and many others.

With the ease of the internet a student can so easily look for various options for engineering colleges in Dubai and easily find out about the admission procedures and any other requirements. There are experts available on chat to help with any query.

Among the best Engineering colleges and universities in Dubai is Bits Pilani. It is a private technical university that offers state of the art educational facilities and is already among the most coveted institutes around. Bits Pilani offers their students a chance to obtain a Dual Degree based on their first year performance. For the Undergraduate level there are 7 engineering fields to choose from and each is a 4 year course. There are also 6 types of engineering courses for a higher degree held in the evenings.  More information about the same can be found at

About author:

Mahesh Shiraskar is a big fan of education in Dubai and advises students to consider one of the top engineering colleges in Dubai for their further studies.

Why Start Your Own Business After Your B.E. Biotechnology?

So, you are a student and you are planning to complete a B.E. Biotechnology.  That is a good choice.  In today’s world, biotechnology professionals are in high demand.  Be it the food and beverages industry or medicine or any other relevant industry, they all need biotechnology professionals.  Moreover, the agriculture industry is also on the lookout for biotechnology professionals to help them sort various issues.

However, what do you plan to do once you have completed your B.E. Biotechnology?  Most students like to have a good job after their course.  That is a good plan.  It ensures that you have the security, and it lays the foundation for a very strong career for you.  However, if you have the entrepreneurial bend of mind; there are great opportunities for starting your own business.  As an example, some of the top universities in UAE have their own start-up wings that are meant to support students who want to be entrepreneurs.  These wings help students identify their niche, streamline their operations, and make their business successful.

Here are some reasons why you should be a biotechnology entrepreneur:

1. The world needs you:  There is no question about the fact that the world needs biotechnology professionals.  Taking an example of the pharmaceutical industry.  It is continuously striving to come up with solutions and cures to various ailments that we have in the world.  By being an entrepreneur, you can offer consultation to these organizations.  In fact, if you can add value in the chain of development and/or improvement of medication; you can be an instant hit in the industry.  The same applies in other industries too.

2. Freedom of thought:  Being an entrepreneur lets you have the freedom of thought.  If you have certain ideas that you think the world needs, you can implement them when you are an entrepreneur.  This can be taken as a point of caution too.  You really don’t want to start your business unless you have a real idea that solves real problems.

3. Various Industries:  We have mentioned this earlier.  Biotechnology finds applications in multiple industries.  Therefore, you can choose to serve them all or pick a niche where you can make the most contribution.

4. Satisfaction:  Finally, there is a satisfaction that innovators derive from creating their own entity.  That is what entrepreneurship does for you.


Top universities in Dubai, or the entire UAE region, can help you in multiple ways.  These universities can provide you with the desired training and the infrastructure to give wings to your ideas.  One such renowned university in Dubai is Bits Pilani.  The university offers multiple Biotechnology courses in Dubai and other parts of the globe.  The faculty and the infrastructure of the university are geared towards making students’ learning wholesome.  You can apply this learning towards enhancing your prospects.

About Author: Mahesh shiraskar believes that B.E. Biotechnology students or professionals can make a difference to the world by starting their own enterprises.

Advance Your Skills – Pursue Ph.D in Biotechnology

Choosing higher education has become easier with availability of unparalleled universities everywhere. For the field like engineering, where students  mostly join the workforce after completing graduation, higher education would matter a lot. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) is the highest degree where  students are entitled as scholars. Industries instantly hire such high esteemed scholars having top degrees like Ph.Ds or Masters. Biotechnology is  one of the highly opted branches of engineering. Ph.D in biotechnology would gain a lifetime achievement for aspirants.

Scope of Biotechnology Courses
As the word bio itself suggests living organism, the branch of technology advocates using living elements to make useful products. Biotechnology  has its applications in food production, agriculture, medical, chemicals, textiles and other such industrial units. The branch is full of research and  development taking place in the advanced labs where convenient products are made by extracting and exploiting living organism or bioinformatics.  Due to its application into many sectors, the branch has wider scope in terms of learning and employment. Students affiliated to reputed institutions  are easily shortlisted and given preference for jobs. It is, thus, the scope of biotechnology is broader.

Which place is better to study?
Nowadays, there are numerous institutions offering biotechnology courses at different countries. UAE has been an emerging location for development  happening at 360 degrees. Dubai, as the metropolis of UAE, has been entitled as a trade and learning centres for many aspirants. Every year,  thousands of students visit Dubai to explore and learn courses. Several national and international institutions are established offering mainstream  and creative courses for the knowledge seekers. Institutions, here, presents marvelous infrastructure, advanced labs, highly experienced faculties,  ICT integrated classrooms etc. Biotechnology courses in Dubai would thus be an opportunistic experience to have.

How will it benefit me?
Due to its wide application in different industrial units good candidates stand for an enormous opportunities. The field uses scientific innovations to  prepare model to produce something conducive to the demand of the industry. Students having B.E. Biotechnology or Masters or Ph.D in  Biotechnology get chances in pharmaceuticals as a bio-organic chemists, in agriculture, military, hospitals, genetic laboratories etc. Many top  institutions also offer scholarship or fellowship for students studying biotechnology courses. Career chances are immense in homeland as well as  abroad after graduating with such courses.

Where should I search?
BITS Pilani, Dubai campus, is a reputed institution offering Biotechnology courses for the students. The institute has all the amenities one can  expect from any institute of international standard. It offers world-class education with highly talented faculty members. Research activities and  high recruitment are quality parameters the institute adheres to. You can visit the university’s website: and can  choose the course of your like.

About Author:

Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician, and opines on choosing right education. He confirms biotechnology courses in Dubai would bring betterment in career.

Why a Formal Degree in Electronics Engineering is Imperative

Over the past few years, various things have changed in the field of education.  Universities have adopted more practical ways of training to let their students be prepared for the challenges they will face in the professional world.  Along with that, there have been various other alterations in curriculum too.  Electronics Engineering is no different.  Newer learning methods have evolved.  At the same time, there has come about a group of individuals who believe that formal education isn’t exactly important for a student.  Out of the numerous students who pass out of a formal education course, most students excel in their lives.  However, the small minority of students who lag behind become the talking point about the importance or otherwise of formal college/university education.  Here are reasons we think that it is imperative for any student to pursue a formal electronics engineering course.

 Career Prospects: There are various things that we can contest, but there is absolutely no doubt that pursuing higher education from a reputed college or university increases your chances of landing a great job.  Many researches have proven that students from university/college draw higher salaries than the ones devoid of such education.

Choose the Right Field: There are numerous fields & sub-fields available to you.  For example; under electronics engineering, you can choose electronics & telecommunication engineering, electronics & communication engineering, and more.  A university/college can give you the necessary information to pick the course that works best for your aptitude.

Work Ethics: University and/or college is the place where you learn your work ethics.  The rigor of pursuing a course from such college/university makes you understand what awaits you in the corporate world.  That goes a long way in letting you be prepared for the future.

Wide Options: Universities and colleges generally train you on various related fields/subjects.  For example, an electronic engineering syllabus might cover information about other streams of engineering too.  This aspect of the syllabus has always come under criticism.  However, it is actually an advantage.  Firstly, it lets you be sure of which stream will suit your aptitude the best.  Moreover, the other core courses also teach you the vocabulary of various other fields and the problems that are faced by those fields’ practitioners.  When you get into the corporate world, you will have to professionally interact with people from other fields.  Knowing the vocabulary will hold you in good stead.

Dubai is gradually becoming the education destination of choice for various students.  This is because various renowned universities are setting up their campuses in this advanced city.  Moreover, Dubai attracts students from different parts of the world.  Hence, this means that a student is acquainted with different cultures and trained to be a global citizen.    Finally, there are various options available.  Be it electronics engineering or any other field of education, you have options galore.

Among the various universities in Dubai, one that is receiving great popularity is Bits Pilani.  The university is known to offer a range of courses, and its electronics engineering syllabus is especially popular.  To know more about the university, you can visit its website:

About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar is a strong believer in formal education, and thinks that the various engineering courses in Dubai can give you career a head start.

Career Prospects Of Studying Electronics Engineering

Engineering has proven to be one of the flourishing programs for the students to learn nowadays. Medical and management come at the similar level. Engineering is the field that offers numerous branches to study – Mechanical engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication engineering, Computer engineering, Chemical engineering, Bio-technology, Information Technology etc.   Thus, it can become confusing to choose between the various branches of engineering. All the branches have field specific knowledge to offer. Electronics engineering is one of such branches that offer challenging learning module and jobs.


Since the branch electronics engineering deals with the mechanics and programming of electronic circuits designing used in different electronic components, it offers multiple topics to learn. The programming of circuits is used in many domains such as Internet, traffic control system, satellite technology, cell-phones and other electronic equipment. Electronics and telecommunication engineering go hand-in-hand in this field. Telecommunication, to be precise, deals with the usage of optical fiber in communication channel used in different enterprises. It is through modern telecommunication methods that our communication has transformed recently. Digital telecommunication, in addition, has made the communication possible with picture or pixel clarity as we can see on T.V., Street screens, computers and other medias.

Exposure Of Teaching And Research In Electronics Engineering

The Electronics engineering syllabus is such where a learner can get the opportunity to learn the basics and methods of circuit designing, programming, testing and implementing in electronic tools. Learning various topics under electronics engineering syllabus, a student can easily adopt the theory, methods and can apply for the teaching jobs. The best part of teaching, in this, would be carrying a mixture of teaching theory and practical. There are many engineering colleges offering the course and seeking competent professionals to teach the same to potential engineers. Furthermore, research avenues are too diverse in this field. Scientific agencies and other research organizations do recruit proficient students to take up challenging roles.


Due to the practical application of the field where an engineer plans, codes, designs, builds, runs, supervises the functioning of circuits in electronic appliances, various domains use such services. Sectors like aviation, hospitals, computer industries, telecom, hotels, other corporates (especially those deal with data processing systems), defense etc. use the services of electronics and communication engineers. It is thus, electronics and telecommunication engineering is a fast blooming sector offering marvelous possibilities for getting a job. An electronic engineer can easily get a job in public as well as private enterprises.


UAE, as one of the progressive regions, has many colleges and universities offering engineering courses in Dubai. Out of many BITS Pilani, Dubai campus, is one that offers modern teaching and skills required for engineering courses. You can visit the university’s website: and make the right choice.

About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar is an educationist and opines that studying engineering courses in Dubai can fetch you a good career.