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More Information about Chemical Engineering in Dubai

So, computer engineering has become popular in the recent times.  However, there are various other prospective streams in Engineering too.  Consider the case of chemical engineering.  It has been an old field, and has helped many students carve out successful careers.   Completing your chemical engineering in Dubai can be a good option because it lends you international experience and opens up various career opportunities.

What do Chemical Engineers do?

So, let us first explore of what a chemical engineer does.  This will help you determine whether you are interested in this stream or not.  A chemical engineer works in a range of industries that include pharmaceutical, mining, Oil & Gas, healthcare, pulp & paper, food processing, etc.  His / her role is to transform raw materials into useful products.  However, this is just a basic description of a chemical engineer’s work.  It can get way more complex than this, and hence such engineers receive handsome compensation for their work.  Various universities and chemical engineering colleges in Dubai can offer flexible programs.  In fact, some of these universities and/or colleges can also allow you to specialize in emerging areas like biotechnology and biomedical.

What will you learn?

When you complete a chemical engineering course, you will contribute in those areas where matter is transformed.  You will be required to design, implement, and supervise the process for such transformation.  There are multiple ways in which this transformation might transpire.  It could be raw-materials to finished product.  Additionally, it could also be fuel to energy or waste to by-products.

Chemical Engineering Course Inclusion

There are various courses thchemical engineering course at a student needs to complete.  In the first year, the student might be exposed to the basic concepts of chemical engineering.  Along with that, the student might also be required to learn about linear algebra, mechanics, and more.  After the first year, more advanced courses are introduced.  These include engineering computation, engineering biology, etc.  This is with regards to B Tech Chemical Engineering.  However, there are other advanced programs available too.  You can pursue a master’s degree and after that aim for a PHD in chemical engineering.  The higher the programs you pursue, the more will be your worth.

Bits Pilani is a popular Dubai university that offers various engineering courses.  Chemical engineering in Dubai is picking up among students, and Bits Pilani is a premier university for the same.   You can visit the university’s website: or contact the admission team at:


About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar is an engineering professor and believes that a chemical engineering course can add to a student’s credentials.


Chemical Engineering in Dubai Can Lead to a Bright Career

Chemical Engineering is one of the core branches of Engineering. It has been present since a long time, and its popularity hasn’t dwindled in that period.Chemical engineers are experts in the field of gauging reactions of various chemicals and experimenting with them. Most of what we see around us is made up of chemical components. However, new products come about through chemical permutation & combination. That’s performed by chemical engineers. Studying chemical engineering in Dubai can open a door of global opportunity for you. Chemical engineering colleges in Dubai can help you master the quality of exploring the chemical basis of life, and contributing significantly to various industries.

Many believe that computer engineering is the way to go. It definitely is one of the most popular engineering fields at this moment. However, that doesn’t lessen the importance of chemical engineering. The fact remains that chemical engineers are extremely important for our society, and those people who have a flair for this form of engineering shall definitely explore the various chemical engineering courses that are available in Dubai.


The next question to answer is the scope of chemical engineering. Are people really hiring chemical engineers? They certainly are. After you complete your B Tech Chemical Engineering, or better still PHD in Chemical Engineering, you can work in the following industries. These jobs can exist in Dubai or anywhere else in the world:

Petroleum, Oil, and Gas: Most oil & gas companies have upstream and downstream divisions. This means that the companies have to involve in exploration as well as refining of oil products. Chemical Engineers can contribute in both these divisions. They can manage products related to exploration, tanks, pumps, pipelines, separators, etc. Such skills as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer need to be efficiently used.

Chemical Products: When it comes to companies that manufacture chemical products, there’s an obvious need for Chemical Engineers. Without experts in the field, proper experimentation wouldn’t take place. It is imperative to consider the quality, effectiveness, and safety of these products, something that chemical engineers are required for.

Drugs & Medicines: Chemical engineers need to present their ideas, and help in the development of and experimentation with drugs and medicines. They work with Biomedical Engineers to improve the efficacy and safety of drug delivery.

Aerated Industries: Another area where experimentation with chemicals is important is the aerated industry. Obviously, chemical engineers are imperative here.

If you wish to append global education to your profile, Dubai can be the ideal place for you. It’s currently the hotspot of international activity and presents the diversity that you need in order to evolve as a chemical engineering. Bits Pilani, India’s premier engineering university, has now opened up a branch in Dubai. Visit for more information.

Go For Chemical Engineering In Dubai And Master These Skills

Have you been an individual who is fascinated by science kits and laboratory experiments? There are several students who love to explore different substances, chemicals, compounds and their equations. But due to lack of resources and funds, very few of them have been fortunate to convert their life-long dream into a profession of Chemical Engineering. If you are a chemical engineer in the making and are looking for chemical engineering colleges, think about studying in Dubai. Studying abroad is no longer a far-fetched dream as there are ample amount of options available in the universities at UAE. If you think that the universities and USA and Australia are costing you a lot of money, it’s time to think about Dubai. And it is proving to be a great option for chemical engineers!

You just have to make sure that you choose a chemical engineering course that helps you in enhancing your engineering skills and teaches you advanced chemistry to meet with the latest industry trends. So how do the universities based in Dubai differ from others in their teaching and outcomes? Take a look:

1. Obtain all-inclusive skill development

When you decide to get a B Tech in chemical engineering, you might not be expecting to gain knowledge and skills beyond your field. But some smart colleges & universities in Dubai ensure that you get ample amount of opportunities to develop and grow as an individual. Several interactive sessions with faculties, critical thinking gatherings and teaching of latest chemical engineering stimulation software will make you nothing less than a confident and dynamic individual.

2. Develop environmental awareness

Studying chemical engineering comes with a lot of awareness and responsibility towards environment. The students pursuing post-graduation and PHD in chemical engineering from top colleges & universities are taught to create sustainable systems that meet with the health and safety requirements and cause lesser amount of carbon footprints. Very few universities instill these ideas and values in their students.

3. Outshine at the Meet & Greet Events

Meetings, presentations and seminars are very much a part of various universities at UAE. Once you have learnt the nuances of chemical engineering in Dubai, you can present your ideas in public and communicate your thoughts to different audiences. Events, corporate collaborations and meet-ups can lead you to grab once in a lifetime opportunity. Campus interviews are also held at regular intervals at these colleges. You definitely can’t get a better platform to exhibit your potential.

It is very important to think beyond books and develop your personality by learning the values of team-work, leadership and communication as and when you accomplish your engineering degree. BITS Pilani is one such university based in Dubai that can offer you dynamic development along with chemical engineering courses. For more information on different engineering options that are available, make sure you visit the website at

Phd Courses From Dubai University: Choosing The Best Stream

When it comes to graduation, students usually prefer to get a degree from their own country and study within their vicinities. But while taking up higher studies or doctorate degrees, they consider going abroad. Gone are the days when one could get the best PHD courses in dubai only in countries like Australia, U.K and USA. Nowadays, some of the best universities are spreading their wings across countries like Singapore, UAE and Germany. And when you can accomplish your degree from these countries at the most affordable rates, why consider making a huge expense?

Talking about the countries that you should choose for your doctorate degree, Dubai is one of the widely considered option. Some of the best universities have laid their foundation in Dubai – the land of golden sand and unbelievable infrastructure. The city has witnessed tremendous growth in the past five decades and it is a thriving hub of politics, science and culture. If you want to consider taking up PHD from Dubai, you can choose out of the following streams:

Chemical Engineering In Dubai:
In order to have a PHD in Chemical engineering, you have to have the knowhow of converting raw materials into durable products. After the post-graduation, taking up doctorate in Chemical Engineering from Dubai University can help you enhance your fundamentals of the subject. You can learn to make significant contributions at different stages of unique projects – right from conceptualizing the product to producing it and sending it to the market. This hands-on experience will help you gain practical skills that are much needed to work in the industry.

Computer Science:
The demand for academic qualification in Computer Science is growing by leaps and bounds. Some courses of PHD in Computer Science in Dubai are shaped for students who have already completed their master’s in the subject. If you want to have an excellent academic qualification and wish to live and work in the UAE, it is the best stream to go for. Once you hold a PhD in this subject, you can also take up various professions. Make sure you research about the number of years you need to dedicate for finishing the program.

The prerequisites for getting your PHD in Biotechnology depend on the university or institution you choose. Typically, the applicants should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in science. If you have a background in chemistry or physics it can create a strong portfolio for admission. The universities in Dubai help Biotechnology students to research and create technologies that meet the necessities of different societies, industries and government. During this course, you can learn ‘how’s’ of examining and altering of different biological molecules.

You are sure to go a long way in your career and living and have a bright future if you opt for any of the above mentioned streams. BITS Pilani is a frontrunner in providing engineering education at Dubai. Your search for the best course is a click away! Visit for more information.