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Why Start Your Own Business After Your B.E. Biotechnology?

So, you are a student and you are planning to complete a B.E. Biotechnology.  That is a good choice.  In today’s world, biotechnology professionals are in high demand.  Be it the food and beverages industry or medicine or any other relevant industry, they all need biotechnology professionals.  Moreover, the agriculture industry is also on the lookout for biotechnology professionals to help them sort various issues.

However, what do you plan to do once you have completed your B.E. Biotechnology?  Most students like to have a good job after their course.  That is a good plan.  It ensures that you have the security, and it lays the foundation for a very strong career for you.  However, if you have the entrepreneurial bend of mind; there are great opportunities for starting your own business.  As an example, some of the top universities in UAE have their own start-up wings that are meant to support students who want to be entrepreneurs.  These wings help students identify their niche, streamline their operations, and make their business successful.

Here are some reasons why you should be a biotechnology entrepreneur:

1. The world needs you:  There is no question about the fact that the world needs biotechnology professionals.  Taking an example of the pharmaceutical industry.  It is continuously striving to come up with solutions and cures to various ailments that we have in the world.  By being an entrepreneur, you can offer consultation to these organizations.  In fact, if you can add value in the chain of development and/or improvement of medication; you can be an instant hit in the industry.  The same applies in other industries too.

2. Freedom of thought:  Being an entrepreneur lets you have the freedom of thought.  If you have certain ideas that you think the world needs, you can implement them when you are an entrepreneur.  This can be taken as a point of caution too.  You really don’t want to start your business unless you have a real idea that solves real problems.

3. Various Industries:  We have mentioned this earlier.  Biotechnology finds applications in multiple industries.  Therefore, you can choose to serve them all or pick a niche where you can make the most contribution.

4. Satisfaction:  Finally, there is a satisfaction that innovators derive from creating their own entity.  That is what entrepreneurship does for you.


Top universities in Dubai, or the entire UAE region, can help you in multiple ways.  These universities can provide you with the desired training and the infrastructure to give wings to your ideas.  One such renowned university in Dubai is Bits Pilani.  The university offers multiple Biotechnology courses in Dubai and other parts of the globe.  The faculty and the infrastructure of the university are geared towards making students’ learning wholesome.  You can apply this learning towards enhancing your prospects.

About Author: Mahesh shiraskar believes that B.E. Biotechnology students or professionals can make a difference to the world by starting their own enterprises.


Advance Your Skills – Pursue Ph.D in Biotechnology

Choosing higher education has become easier with availability of unparalleled universities everywhere. For the field like engineering, where students  mostly join the workforce after completing graduation, higher education would matter a lot. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) is the highest degree where  students are entitled as scholars. Industries instantly hire such high esteemed scholars having top degrees like Ph.Ds or Masters. Biotechnology is  one of the highly opted branches of engineering. Ph.D in biotechnology would gain a lifetime achievement for aspirants.

Scope of Biotechnology Courses
As the word bio itself suggests living organism, the branch of technology advocates using living elements to make useful products. Biotechnology  has its applications in food production, agriculture, medical, chemicals, textiles and other such industrial units. The branch is full of research and  development taking place in the advanced labs where convenient products are made by extracting and exploiting living organism or bioinformatics.  Due to its application into many sectors, the branch has wider scope in terms of learning and employment. Students affiliated to reputed institutions  are easily shortlisted and given preference for jobs. It is, thus, the scope of biotechnology is broader.

Which place is better to study?
Nowadays, there are numerous institutions offering biotechnology courses at different countries. UAE has been an emerging location for development  happening at 360 degrees. Dubai, as the metropolis of UAE, has been entitled as a trade and learning centres for many aspirants. Every year,  thousands of students visit Dubai to explore and learn courses. Several national and international institutions are established offering mainstream  and creative courses for the knowledge seekers. Institutions, here, presents marvelous infrastructure, advanced labs, highly experienced faculties,  ICT integrated classrooms etc. Biotechnology courses in Dubai would thus be an opportunistic experience to have.

How will it benefit me?
Due to its wide application in different industrial units good candidates stand for an enormous opportunities. The field uses scientific innovations to  prepare model to produce something conducive to the demand of the industry. Students having B.E. Biotechnology or Masters or Ph.D in  Biotechnology get chances in pharmaceuticals as a bio-organic chemists, in agriculture, military, hospitals, genetic laboratories etc. Many top  institutions also offer scholarship or fellowship for students studying biotechnology courses. Career chances are immense in homeland as well as  abroad after graduating with such courses.

Where should I search?
BITS Pilani, Dubai campus, is a reputed institution offering Biotechnology courses for the students. The institute has all the amenities one can  expect from any institute of international standard. It offers world-class education with highly talented faculty members. Research activities and  high recruitment are quality parameters the institute adheres to. You can visit the university’s website: http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in/Dubai and can  choose the course of your like.

About Author:

Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician, and opines on choosing right education. He confirms biotechnology courses in Dubai would bring betterment in career.