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Engineering Colleges In Dubai Offer The Best Options In Courses With The Best Teaching Faculty

Dubai in the UAE is a megacity with a global presence. This small emirate boasts of an international workforce with the best amenities and infrastructure. What was once a small fishing village less than a century ago has grown to be a world class city. Dubai has the largest population among the seven states of the UAE and modern Dubai’s skyscrapers have always made headlines.

Part of the infrastructure is a well established education system under the supervision of the rulers of Dubai. Their aim has always been to provide world class education to the local as well as international students in every field. Internationally accredited and recognised universities have their presence in and around the UAE and this includes very good Engineering colleges in Dubai as well. There is a large selection of international universities in Dubai, many of them located in the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)- a zone specially marked out for educational institutions. There is also a regulatory authority known as the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) that checks the quality of the education offered by these universities.

While a degree in engineering offers a wide range of career options across the world, a student enrolling for an engineering course in Dubai must ensure that the college of his/her choice is internationally accredited which will allow him/her to look for work opportunities abroad. The types of engineering courses available in Dubai teach not only the theoretical aspect of the subject but also how to design and develop engineering methods to meet workplace challenges along with managerial skills. Engineering colleges in Dubai have various options to choose from ranging from Engineering Analysts, System designers and developers and degree courses in Mechanical, Computer, IT, Electrical, Network, Bio Technology and many others.

With the ease of the internet a student can so easily look for various options for engineering colleges in Dubai and easily find out about the admission procedures and any other requirements. There are experts available on chat to help with any query.

Among the best Engineering colleges and universities in Dubai is Bits Pilani. It is a private technical university that offers state of the art educational facilities and is already among the most coveted institutes around. Bits Pilani offers their students a chance to obtain a Dual Degree based on their first year performance. For the Undergraduate level there are 7 engineering fields to choose from and each is a 4 year course. There are also 6 types of engineering courses for a higher degree held in the evenings.  More information about the same can be found at http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in/dubai.

About author:

Mahesh Shiraskar is a big fan of education in Dubai and advises students to consider one of the top engineering colleges in Dubai for their further studies.


Here’s Why You Should Study in Dubai

You are now at the threshold of establishing a successful career for yourself. However, that begins with deciding the right career path. Among the various courses that you can pursue, Engineering can happen to be just the ideal choice. There are numerous types of engineering courses and there are multiple options available.


Here’s why we believe that engineering is just the right course for you to pursue:

  • Course Variety: As we mentioned earlier, there are a wide spectrum of courses available with engineering. Not only are the conventional courses available for engineers, there are new courses cropping up as well. Consider the case of sustainable energies. That’s picking up in our society and it will be the future of our world. Other than that, one can also pursue other courses like aeronautics, robotics, medical technology, etc. With this wide range of specializations available, you can pick what works best for you.
  • Demand: All the various types of engineering courses find great demand. If you study your engineering from a good quality university, you open up avenues around the world. Not only is this demand confined to developed nations, even developing nations need the service of high-quality engineering.
  • Diversification: Engineering students get to diversify their career in whichever direction they like. You would have all heard of engineering students pursuing their MBA. Apart from that, a range of non-engineering career opportunities come up as well. Take the example of teaching, consulting, etc.


The next question that you might have in mind is about the place you want to pursue your engineering from. There are various experts who advise you to study in Dubai. There are so many high quality Dubai colleges and universities that you will never be short of options. Here are other reasons why you should study in Dubai:

  • Global Audience: Dubai is located so strategically that it gets students from all around the world. Therefore, you get to truly experience fusion of various cultures.
  • Education Quality: We mentioned earlier that the education quality available in Dubai is top-notch. This is because Dubai colleges and universities boast of experienced faculty members and great focus on quality education.
  • Courses Available: There is absolutely no dearth of engineering courses. This broad engineering courses list allows you to pursue the engineering courses of your choice.

Among various Dubai colleges and universities, Bits Pilani is one of the most popular ones. Not only is the quality of education towering, the university is extremely experienced too. To gain more information, you can visit http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in/dubai or call them at:


About Author: Mahesh Shiraskar is an engineering academician and he recommends students to study in Dubai.